21 January 2020

Ahmet Remzi Köprülü: “The newly established Election Commission Council failed on the first election”

Ahmet Remzi Köprülü, Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Election Department, said that the newly appointed members of the Election Commission Council in Kirkuk were unsuccessful in the first move. According to the official statement reached by Kirkuk Net, Köprülü said, “If our rights are violated in a commission-free from Turkmen, as in the past, […]
20 January 2020

Iraqi Ministry of Education Published A Book in Turkish After 12 Years

Hatice Ali Turkmen, Member of the Iraqi Parliament Education Commission and Kirkuk Deputy, announced that the publication of the Turkish curriculum books of the Ministry of Education has been completed.


16 January 2020

Commemoration Ceremony of Turkmen Martyrs

Turkmen martyrs were commemorated in Kirkuk on the occasion of 16th of January Martyrs Day.

15 January 2020

Kirkuk Education Directorate Appointments Stopped

As a result of the demonstration organized by the Turkmen, Kirkuk Education Directorate appointments were stopped until the ministry delegation came from Baghdad.

15 January 2020

The Protests Started in Kirkuk

The Turkmen protest started in front of Kirkuk Education Office.

13 January 2020

Historical Monument Operation in Kirkuk

Kirkuk Operations Command announced that three people who stole historical artifacts from Mosul were captured in Kirkuk.


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