An explosives attack was executed against the vehicle of the ITF head of Salahattin province Heytem Muhtaroğlu.

11 Şubat 2014

The vehicle of the head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Selahattin province Heytem Muhtaroğlu was attacked in Tuzhurmatu. Muhtaroğlu was not injured in the attack while three civilians in the vicinity were injured. Muhtaroğlu’s vehicle suffered damages. The incident took place at noon on the 10th of February 2014 in the El Askeri neighborhood of Tuzhurmatu when an explosive placed on the road was detonated. Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front of Selahattin province Muhtaroğlu declared that such incidents would not deter him and that he was grateful that he and his entourage had escaped unharmed.  He called out to those responsible for the attack saying such incidents did not deter them but made them more resolute. He said that the intention of the culprits was to destroy and intimidate the Turkmen in Tuzhurmatu but that they would continue to exist there.

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