ITF President Erşat Salihi called on Turkmen to unite before the approaching elections.

07 Şubat 2018

Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) leader Erşat Salih called on Turkmen to unite before the approaching elections. Although Iraqi Turkmen are the 3rd main ethnic element in Iraq they have been unable to reflect this fact in the polls in recent years.

ITF leader Erşat Salihi also assessed the recent events developing in the Middle East. Salihi said, “This nation has numerous enemies, its only friend is itself. Therefore any changes in the map of the region are like a critical medical operation. If we are not careful we will encounter many disasters. We have to have the say so in matters dealing with changes in the map of the region. If others are the boss, the territories of Iraqi and Syrian Turks will become the property of others.”

ITF leader Salihi previously commented that, “The next election is a matter of life and death for the Turkmen nation. I demand that everyone take part in the election to end the injustice in Kirkuk and guarantee our future.” The Iraqi Turkmen Front is endeavoring to gather all Turkmen in overall Iraq and particularly  those in Kirkuk under one umbrella  before the approaching elections. Hopefully this will succeed in Kirkuk and spread throughout Iraq.

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