The Construction Work for Şehit Musa Özalkan Kindergarden for 400 Children in Telafer has started

07 Şubat 2018

With the instructions of MHP Leader Devlet Bahçeli, President of Ülkü Ocakları (Grey Wolves) Olcay Kılavuz came to Turkmen city Telafer to carry out the will of  Infantry NCO Officer Musa Özalkan who was martyred in the Olive Branch Operation and conclude the allocation process of the land for the kindergarten.

In his statement Kılavuz said, “Land has been allocated in Telafer for the building of our martyr’s school. The Director of Education in Telafer sent the communication informing that the land had been allocated for the school. An area of 3500 square meters has been cleared with machinery. Thus the project has been launched. The building of the school will be accelerated after the necessary negotiations are made with the contractor and the project design is completed.”

“Şehit Musa Özalkan Kindergarten will have a capacity for 350-400 students”

Kılavuz said that local authorities had reported that the city needed a kindergarten and that the Şehit Musa Özalkan Kindergarten would have a capacity for 350-400 students.
Kılavuz said that he had met with Mosul Governor Undersecretary Kasım Kara in Telafer, Commander of 53. Turkmen Brigade in Iraq Seyit Muhtar, Telafer Municipality Manager Muhsin Çolakoğlu, Telafer Director of Education Mehmet İbrahim Maraşlı, President of Telafer District Assembly Mehmet Abdülkadir and Mosul Province Assembly Member Lilyar Muhammed Ali.

Infantry NCO Officer Özalkan who was martyred in a conflict with perfidious terror organization PKK members within the scope of the Olive Branch Operation willed that a kindergarten, nursery or culture center is established for Turkmen children in Telafer and named after him.

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