The objective of the Assassinations is to wear down the Turkmen Front

12 Şubat 2018

During the last 4 months, 19 Turkmen have lost their lives in Kirkuk, Iraq as a result of armed attacks. Most of the assassinations could not be resolved,  the perpetrators remained ‘unknown’. So what is behind the curtain covering these assassinations? Who or what are the targets? These questions were answered by the President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Erşat Salihi. Salihi spoke to National Channel saying that Turkmen were being targeted for the struggle they were maintaining to prevent the fragmentation of Iraq. In terms of the KIRKUK ASSASSINATIONS BACKDROP Salihi said, “Turkmen are being targeted in Iraq as well as in Syria because they occupy significant regions in the area. At the same time we are being made to pay for Turkishness. We have adopted a serious stance in terms of he referendum. We are being punished for that”. Another objective of these assassinations is to stir dissent in the Turkmen Front which has significant influence in Iraq. The reason is the election in the Iraqi Parliament to be held on the 12th of May 2018…  Salihi underlined that a scenario was being fictionalized in this process especially to keep Turkmen away from the elections. Salihi said, “The targeting of Turkmen is the result of a certain policy. This nation must not be abandoned to its fate. That is the duty of the Iraqi central government. No steps have been taken since the dispersion of the armed forces in Kirkuk. There are gaps in this matter. If it were not for this gap, Iraqi Turkmen could not be targeted. That’s why the assassinations are suspect”. HAZARD FOR THE SINCAR REGION The President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Erşat Salihi underlined the Iraqi lap of the terror corridor. He emphasized that Sincar which is known as the second Kandil must be cleared. Salihi said, “The presence of PKK/PYD in the Sincar region along the Iraqi border is a part of the hazard in Syria. It is more appropriate that the Iraqi central government participates in the operations to counter this threat. The accommodation of the PKK/PYD in the periphery of Kirkuk jeopardizes security in the region”.