Local elections to be held in Kirkuk after 13 years

14 Mart 2018

The fact that local elections which could not take place for 13 years will be held at the end of this year is a source of satisfaction

The decision of the Iraqi Assembly to hold local elections after an interval of 13 years in Kirkuk which is mainly inhabited by Turkmen has generated excitement among the city’s inhabitants.

Deputy President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) Hasan Turan made a statement to AA reporter said that one of the demands of Turkmen from the Iraqi central government for years had been the organization of local elections in Kirkuk and a review of the electoral registry.

ITF Kirkuk Provincial Organization Chairman Mohammet Saman said that the Assembly ruling regarding decisions on the status of provinces and local administrations was vital and reminded that the Kirkuk Provincial Assembly had previously decided to let the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (IKBY) to carry out an illegitimate referendum in the city.

Cuvan Hasan, one of the Kurdish members of the province assembly said that the decision was a victory and a source of satisfaction for Kirkuk citizens who had been deprived of elections for 13 years.

Burhan el Asi, an Arab member of the Assembly said that Kirkuk was anticipating good days in terms of policy and administration in Kirkuk with the holding of the elections.

The Iraqi Parliament decided to hold local elections in Kirkuk in December this year at the regular session held on 3 March. Meanwhile, the number of members in the Kirkuk Provincial Assembly has been reduced from 41 to 14.

The last time that local elections were held in Kirkuk was in January 2005. The reason for not holding local elections was given as political instability and lack of security.

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