Ambassador of Turkey Yıldız opened a School in Telafer

22 Mart 2018

The Ambassador of Turkey to Baghdad, his Excellency Yıldız participated in the opening ceremony of El Zahet Secondary School in Telafer district of Mosul province which had been renovated by TİKA and met with officials in the district’s municipality and assembly buildings – Ambassador Yıldız: – “Turkey launched activities here immediately after Telafer was liberated. TİKA has been involved in almost all issues together with the Telaferians. We deliver numerous services from cleaning the streets of Telafer to providing water to homes”

MUSUL (AA) – The Ambassador of Turkey to Baghdad, his Excellency Fatih Yıldız met with a delegation including Iraqi representatives from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) and visited Telafer district in Mosul province.

Ambassador Yıldız convened with local administrators and citizens within the scope of the visit to Telafer and received information about the region.

Yıldız opened El Zahet Secondary School which was renovated by TİKA and chatted with the students.

Yıldız went to the municipality building of the district which was practically in ruins as a result of violent conflict between terror organization DAESH and Iraqi armed forces to hear about the problems of the district from the officials.

Yıldız went to Telafer District Assembly to meet with the clan leaders in the region and listened to the expectations of the regional people from Turkey and general complaints.

After the meeting at he district assembly, Ambassador Yıldız spoke to members of the press and said the following:

“As an official delegation we came here first but immediately after the liberation of Telafer started activities here. TİKA has been with the Telaferians in practically every issue. When Telaferians are asked ‘who is with you?’ they point out TİKA and Turkey. We deliver numerous services from cleaning the streets of Telafer to providing water to homes. Turkey has done important works for the repair and activation of three schools starting with the one we are opening today.”
- “A significant part of the aid from Turkey will be realized in Telafer”

Yıldız said that considering the current state of Telafer it is evident that it is the city which has incurred the most damage in Turkmeneli territory and emphasized the importance of countering the infrastructure, electricity and water requirements of the city.

Yıldız spoke about his tour of the district’s streets as follows: “It is a lively city. The youth and children here are full of life which gives us hope for the future. This gives us an added responsibility, Turkey has made significant commitments at the meeting in Kuwait regarding the reconstruction of Iraq. A significant part of the aid from Turkey will be realized in Telafer and we hope that we can make it rise again.”

Yıldız said that the first year of the following process was very important for them and added that it was necessary to generate projects which would create employment as well as resurrect the city.

Ambassador Yıldız subsequently inspected the school on site that would be built to fulfill the testament of Afrin martyr Musa Özalkan.

Telafer which is in the west of Mosul with a mainly Turkmen population was occupied by terror organization DAESH in June 2014 and liberated with an operation carried out by the Iraqi army in September 2017.

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