Election tension in Kirkuk

24 Mayıs 2018

After the general elections in Iraq on the 12th of May the objections in Kirkuk have turned into action and Turkmen, Arabs, Hashdi Shabi demand that the votes are counted manually again.

What is the final situation in Iraq after the election?
Many objections have been made regarding the poll boxes used for voting in Kirkuk. These objections have turned to action, Kirkuk citizens have set up tents in front of the warehouses where the votes are kept to hold watch for 24 hours. The Governor of Kirkuk who is an Arab made an official statement, “We do not recognize the Kirkuk elections” CNN TÜRK team reached Kirkuk Deputy Governor Falah Yahyagil who said that many irregularities had been identified.

Iraqi Turkmen Front Spokesman Ali Mehdi said that after everything that had happened, the problem would not be resolved until Turkey and the United Nations were commissioned.

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