The votes in more than one thousand poll boxes have been cancelled in Iraq

02 Haziran 2018

The Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission has announced that the votes in the election ballot
have been canceled due to "irregularities".
According to the written statement of the commission it has been decided to cancel
all the votes in 1021 poll boxes in the general elections held on 12 May. Among the
cancelled boxes are 6 boxes which had been established outside Iraq.
The statement said that the cancelled votes throughout the country covered
approximately 10 provinces and internal migrant camps and was taken on the
grounds of irregularities at the poll boxes.
The province with the most cancellation decisions was Duhok where the Democratic
Party of Kurdistan (KDP) under the leadership of Mesut Barzani is strongest. 224 poll
boxes were canceled in Duhok which was followed by 195, 186 and 101 poll boxes in
Mosul, Kirkuk and Enbar respectively. The USA was the foreign country which had
the most cancelled poll boxes with 31.
The general elections held in Iraq on May 12 were stamped with allegations of
disgrace. Some 6 political parties in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government,
especially the Turkmen in Kirkuk, have reacted strongly to the non-final results of the
elections and claimed that their votes had been stolen.
While the Kurdish political parties demanded the recapitulation of the elections, the
Turkmen demanded that the votes be counted by hand. Former Prime Minister
Vatanniye Coalition leader Iyad Allawi took sides with those who claimed that
irregularities had taken place in terms of the elections and demanded recapitulation.

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