The Iraqi Assembly ruled in favor of a manual recounting of the votes

09 Haziran 2018

The Iraqi Parliament decided to re-count the votes on the grounds that doubts had been cast on the  general elections held on 12 May.

According to the information received from Assembly sources, it was decided that the election polls should be reopened and hand counted nationwide.

At the session of the Assembly, it was also decided to freeze the duties of members of the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission and appoint 9 judges to their positions.

172 parliamentarians attended the 329-seat parliamentary session under the chairmanship of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Selim al-Cuburi.

- Congratulatory message from ITF President Salihi

Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) President Erşet Salihi congratulated Turkmen after the decision taken in the parliament session with a video statement over his social media account.

It is alleged that rigging was implemented in the voting process using electronic devices inIraq, especially inKirkukand other northern regions.

InKirkuk, the Turkmen say that their votes were shifted to the Party of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

The Turkmen have been in the city center 25 days after the elections and are organizing demonstrations on the grounds that the elections were rigged and that their votes had been stolen. The Arabs also support these demonstrations, which are led by the Turkmen.

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