Iraqi MP El Daraci: Some political circles are putting pressure on the Judiciary

19 Haziran 2018

The rigging of the Parliamentary elections on the 12th of May continue to prevail on the country agenda. El Muvatın Group MP Rahim El Derraci said that some political circles were putting pressure on the judiciary to eliminate evidence of rigging in the parliamentary elections.

El Derraci said that the rigging was the cause of dangerous developments in Iraq and that the votes of voters had been stolen because of some unsuccessful politicians who have failed to administer the country. El Derraci said that they condemned the pressure applied on the judiciary by some political circles to eliminate evidence of rigging in the elections and said that he had full confidence in the Iraqi judiciary.

Calling the Iraqis to defend their will in the ballot boxes, El Derraci also invited all circles to help the judiciary in protecting the rights of voters and candidates. El Derraci also called for the support of the Government in order to preserve trust and stability in the framework of the constitution and laws.