Humanitarian aid to Turkmen from Telafer from Turkish Red Crescent and AFAD

29 Haziran 2018

Turkish Red Crescent and Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD)  delivered food, clothing and medicines to Turkmen families in the Iraqi province of Telafer.

The Red Crescent and AFAD teams continue to dress the wounds in the Turkmen city Telafer and delivered over 2 thousand parcels of food and one thousand parcels of clothes to needy Turkmen families.

While the food parcels included basic food items that a family needs, each clothes parcel had 10 pieces of clothing for adults and children. In addition, boxes containing 15 thousand items of medication were handed over to the officials of Telafer State Hospital.

- 20 thousand cases of food have been distributed since Ramadan

Murat Özgüven, the head of the Turkish Red Crescent Iraq Delegation, made a statement to journalists during the delivery of aid and said:

“As AFAD President and Turkish Red Crescent, we have distributed aid in Telafer. As the Turkish Red Crescent, we have distributed a thousand parcels of garments, that is, garment aid to 5 thousand people and 2 thousand boxes of food items belonging to AFAD, that is, a food aid corresponding to about 10,000 people. Our aid to our Turkmen brothers in Telafer will continue. “

Murat Özgüven said that 20 thousand cases of food have been distributed since Ramadan and continued as follows:

“With this aid we have reached approximately 90 thousand people. Our aid to refugees and migrant families continues. Furthermore today have distributed 15 thousand units of medication. As the Turkish Red Crescent, we have distributed a truckload of aid in medication to Telafer State Hospital today.”

On the other hand Telafer State Hospital Deputy Director Dr. Hazım Selman thanked the Turkish Red Crescent and AFAD for the medication.

Selman responded as follows:

“We have problems with medicines and medical equipment in our emergency service in Telafer and operation theaters. Baghdad has delivered aid but it is not enough. Furthermore, our number of doctors is insufficient.”

- The Turkish Red Crescent has been helping for 15 years

Nurettin Kaplan, Vice President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC) Executive Committee, who supported the organizing of the aid, stated that the Turkish Red Crescent has helped them for 15 years not only today and that  AFAD is providing continuous assistance.

Kaplan said, ‘Today again humanitarian aid has been delivered to the needy in the Telafer district. We thank the Turkish people, the government of Turkey, the Red Crescent and AFAD. You have not left the people of Telafar alone. God bless you. “