Iraqi experts praised Turkey’s democracy experience

29 Haziran 2018

Iraqi political experts and politicians urged their politicians to draw lessons from Turkey’s democratic experience.

Political experts in Mosul commented on the Presidential elections and the 27th Term Parliamentary Elections in Turkey held yesterday to the AA correspondent and its reflections on Iraq.

Iraqi political analyst Zahir et-Tahh that “Iraqi politicians should learn the meaning of democracy from neighboring country Turkey.”

Tahhan expressed his pleasure at the democratic atmosphere experienced in Turkey while voicing his regret of the disaster caused by the policies carried out by those unconcerned with the national issues of Iraq, especially in Mosul or in connection with the protection of the people and the country.

“Countries live with their nations.” said Tahhan. He pointed out that the Turkish people were devoted to their country and stood behind AK Party under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Tahhan underlined that the democratic development witnessed in Turkey today was the result of the cooperation between the people’s common policies. He said, “If Iraq wants to follow the path of its neighbor, Turkey, it’s nation should be united, reject ethnic, sect and religion based approaches and embrace national interests.”

- High participation and democratic atmosphere

Journalist Seyf el-Abid said that the elections in Turkey and Iraq should be compared.

Abid noted, “The elections in Turkey were manifested in a few hours whereas the results of the elections in our country held on the 12th of May are still not finalized.”

Abid pointed out that the elections which took place in Turkey in a unique atmosphere of democracy were unprecedented in the region and even in the world and that embarrassing violations did not take place in elections with a high participation.

Political researcher Abdulhak Ahmed el-Cerba noted that, “Erdoğan’s overwhelming victory in the presidential elections is the result of long years of work, sacrifice and selflessness.”

Cerba said that his self-sacrificing work manifested the commitment of a person who thought about his country’s interests and development in various areas and levels.

Cerba pointed out that Turkey’s experience in democracy amounted to a strong message to the nations in the region and particularly Iraq and said, “Every time the Turkish nation prove that they have a high level of awareness, culture and understanding.”