Warehouse containing poll boxes attacked with explosives in Kirkuk

02 Temmuz 2018

A warehouse in Kirkuk Iraq holding poll boxes was attacked with explosives.

Kirkuk Security Directorate Press Officer Afrasyav Kamil made a statement to AA reporter saying that a warehouse in Bağdat Yolu neighborhood holding poll boxes with votes from the general elections held on the 12th of May had been attacked with a vehicle armed with explosives.

Kamil said that the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber and that the vehicle loaded with explosives detonated at the warehouse entrance injuring 19 people, 4 of which were civilians and 15 were security guards.

- “The poll boxes were not damaged”

Kamil reported that 10 parked vehicles had burned and been scrapped and said, “The intention of the attack was to get the poll boxes, however they were not damaged.”

Kamil further reported that two bomb attacks had been organized at night in different areas of Kirkuk, the attacks were carried out by remote control and no lives were lost.

The general elections held in Iraq on the 12th of May have been shadowed by allegations of rigging particularly in Kirkuk and other northern zones.

As a result of the allegations of rigging, the Iraqi assembly ruled for recounting the votes manually.