Turkey condemned the attack on poll boxes in Kirkuk

02 Temmuz 2018

Turkey severely condemned the bomb attack on the warehouse holding poll boxes in Kirkuk.

According to the written statement issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, regretfully initial reports indicate that two people had lost their lives and 21 persons had been injured in the suicide mission with a vehicle loaded with explosives carried out at the warehouse in Kirkuk where the poll boxes were kept.

The statement continued with, “We severely condemn this terror attack and may our deceased Iraqi brothers rest in peace, we extend our condolences to their relatives and family and wish a speedy recovery for the injured. We expect that the relevant Iraqi authorities will complete the investigation regarding the allegations about rigging and corruption in the elections in Kirkuk as soon as possible in a transparent way and take all measures to ensure security in the province.”

The general elections held in Iraq on the 12th of May have been shadowed by allegations of rigging particularly in Kirkuk and other northern zones. As a result of the allegations of rigging, the Iraqi assembly ruled for recounting the votes manually.