Turkmen commemorated the Martyrs of Kirkuk Turks of 14 July

17 Temmuz 2018

The memorial ceremony organized by the association of Iraqi Turkmen Martyrs and Political Prisoners on July 14, 1959 for the 58th anniversary of the Turkish massacre in Kirkuk was attended by Turkmeneli Leader ITC President Erşat Salihi, Vice President of ITC Hasan Turan, Parliamentarians, NGOs and many civilian citizens.

After the ceremony, the Turkmenli Leader Salihi, who was in charge of disclosing to the members of the press, said, “There is no difference between the Srebrenica and Karabakh massacres and the Kirkuk massacre.”.
Salihi said that those who carried out the Turkmen massacre should be described as DEAŞ of that time:

“There is no difference between the methods of those who carried out the Kirkuk massacre and the method of the DEAŞ terrorist organization that controlled most of Iraq more than four years ago and harmed Turkmen the most. “

Salihi pointed out that the Turkmen presence in Iraq that was in danger and said, “the whole Turkish world as well as Turkey must be informed that there is a Turkic presence in Iraq which is under siege with an endangered future.”