The Turkmen massacre is still in memories

17 Temmuz 2018

The Iraqi Turkmen are still feeling the pain of the massacre that started on July 14, 1959 and lasted 3 days and ended with 300 martyrs. The Turkmen who were martyred in Kirkuk after the atrocities were commemorated with events held in Iraq and Turkey. Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı said that that the 1959 massacre was a start of the 60 years that would follow with great pain for the Turkmen. Kazancı stated that the pain in the Turkmeneli region has not ended.
A ceremony was held at the Turkmen Martyrs’ Cemetery in the city center of Kirkuk, Iraq to commemorate the loss of life on July 14th of the Turkmen Massacre in 1959. Numerous Turkmen citizens participated in the memorial ceremony.
Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı said that the Turkmen paid the price for cooperating with occupying elements in 1959 with 300 martyrs and that the number of Turkmen murdered with the recent Peshmerga, DEASH persecution exceeded 3 thousand. Kazancı pointed out that more than 300 thousand Turkmen had been expelled from Turkmen towns such as Telafer, Mosul, Mendeli, Kirkuk and Altınköprü. Kazancı said that the intention was a Turkmeneli region without Turkmen and all the persecution, torture and massacres that we have been exposed are for the completion of this project. Hicran Kazancı also emphasized that the last massacres of Kirkuk, Mosul and Talafar, whose fate of the oppressed have not changed despite the changes of the regimes in the post-Ottoman regions, are also evidence of this geographical reality.