Grand Union Party’s Leader Desteci visited Iraqi Turkmen Front

31 Temmuz 2018

President of Büyük Birlik Partisi (BBP) Mustafa Destici visited the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) Ankara Representation. Destici spoke during his visit to ITF Representation saying that the unjust terror attacks carried out against Turkmen in Iraq continued in full force.

Mustafa Destici underlined that this was a source of unpleasantness for the BBP as well as the Turkish nation and said that the injustice against MP candidates in Turkmen regions in the parliamentary elections in May had still to be corrected.

Destici emphasized the increasing attacks on Turkmen in recent days by saying, “We do not believe that it is a coincidence that these are taking place in Turkmen regions.”

Destici once again condemned the indifference displayed by both the Iraqi central government as well as the world in this regards and said:

“A project is ongoing in that region to progressively decrease the Turkmen presence. In the forthcoming process the Republic of Turkey will take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of Turkmen rights in the Turkmeneli region starting with Kirkuk, guarantee their assets and enable them to live freely. If active intervention is included to enable this the state of the Republic of Turkey and security forces, Turkish Armed Forces are obliged to take necessary action as well.”

In response to the question of journalists as to “What was commissioned in Afrin will also be commissioned in Kirkuk” Destici pointed out that the Republic of Turkey had a major sensitivity about Turkmen and said, “If this is the way things will progress then Turkey will naturally initiate diplomatic maneuvers. However, if these do not produce results, if things get worse the verse ‘we can arrive one night unexpectedly’ can be initiated for Kirkuk as it was for Afrin. There is no force to oppose the TAF from such a maneuver in the area.”

Kazancı said: “we have 17 injured, 3 martyrs”
ITF Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı indicated that the BBP had always stood by them and said, “As Iraqi Turkmen Front we need people with us more than ever.” Kazancı mentioned the elections in May and said that various violations had taken place and these had been determined by foreign observers.

Kazancı reminded that in the meantime the task of the Iraqi Parliament had been concluded and in parallel with this the terror incidents had started in the Kirkuk centered Turkmeneli region. Kazancı said that the day before yesterday 17 people had been injured and 3 Turkmen had been martyred in explosions in Kirkuk, he underlined that the timing corresponded to the planned visit of Iraqi Minister of Transport to Kirkuk to meet with the Governor and initiate various works regarding the Kirkuk airport which was postponed by these explosions.”