Dr. Hicran Kazancı attended the commemoration ceremony for the legendary leader of Western Thrace.

31 Temmuz 2018

The unforgettable leader of Western Thrace Turks, deceased Dr. Sadik Ahmet was commemorated with prayers at his grave site in Kahveci cemetery in Gümülcine on the 23rd anniversary of his death.

The commemoration ceremony held Tuesday on July 24th was attended by  compatriots from every region of Western Thrace as well as representatives from the homeland Turkey, neighboring Bulgaria and many other countries.

The commemoration ceremony organized by the Friendship, Equality and Peace Party started on Tuesday evening at 19:00 with the reading of salâ and âr-i Sharif at the grave site of the deceased. This was followed by the prayers of Gumulcine Mufti Ibrahim Sharif.

The ceremony was attended by R.T. Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy, Gümülcine Mufti İbrahim Şerif, BBP President and Ankara Deputy Mustafa Destici, CHP Tekirdağ Deputy İlhami Özcan Aygun, R.T. Gümülcine Consul General Murat Ömeroğlu, DEP Chairman Mustafa Ali Çavuş, the widow of the deceased Işık Ahmet and his son Levet Ahmet.