New Life in Telafer

01 Ağustos 2018
Life has started to return to normal in Telafer which was occupied by terror organization DAESH in 2014. Half of those who had to flee the city due to the occupation have returned, the market is active again. Turkmen say, “The days of DAESH were days of persecution. Everybody should return. The former days were very bad. That is all in the past now”.

The largest Turkmen city in the country and life has come back again. The markets have opened, more than half of the refugees have returned. The District Administrator Undersecretary Kasım Kara said, “The municipality has commenced to provide electricity, water and municipal services. We want our people to come back. The former explosions and attacks do not exist any more. This office was the national seat of Telafer. Every year in February the Telaferians would get together and have a feast. ISIS bombed it. This was the first place we fixed”.
Telafer district of Mosul had a population of 450 thousand before the DAESH occupation which is currently more than 150 thousand. Half of the population has returned to the Turkmen city and the wounds left by the 4 year DAESH occupation and afterwards have started to be treated. The Turkmen who have returned to the district and re-opened their businesses want the other Turkmen to come back and take ownership of their city. As Telaferians converse in restaurants open until the late hours, women who had been forbidden to wear colorful outfits and wear a black burqa and could not leave the house with being accompanied by a male are free to shop on the market.
Security in the region after Telafer was liberated from terror organization DAESH is being secured by the Iraqi army, federal and local police forces. After security forces took control the area was searched and approximately 400 tons of explosive were discovered and destroyed. Security is fully maintained in the district and it is possible to travel to Mosul and districts in the vicinity at all hours.
16 year old Malik Muhsin, one of those who had fled the district during the DAESH occupation indicated that they had found a shambles when they returned and said, “Most people have returned. 50% of those who left the district have returned and are continuing with their lives. The situation here is very good. We want everyone to return home”. Merchant Abbas Muhammed Cemil says, “People are safe now and have started to see good times. Our markets and stores are open. The DAESH days were days of persecution. Those who are still away should return. The former days were bad. They are gone now”. Telaferians reported that the DAESH terror organization had destroyed the Telafer Castle with a history of 3 thousand years and taken the rubble away on trucks. The Telafer President of Turkmeneli Party Riyad Muhsin indicated that they anticipated Turkey to help in the restoration of  Telafer Castle and said, “They destroyed 35 mosques, cemeteries and special religious cemeteries in Telafer. They destroyed Telafer University, the airport and El Hüseyin Hospital with 400 beds. They wanted to destroy our history. This castle is the joint history of the whole Turkic world. I am calling on 300 million Turkic people who speak my language. Help us”.
Telafer was filmed by the DHA crew on its first anniversary of liberation from DAESH. The largest Turkmen city Telafer was occupied by DAESH terror organization on the 16th of June 20124 and liberated by the Iraqi army and El Hüseyin Brigade on the 30th of August 2018. Colorful outfits banned by the terror organization have started to be displayed in the store windows on the Telafer market.