After 15 years, a Turkmen District Governor is appointed in Tuzhurmatu

07 Ağustos 2018

After 15 years, a Turkmen District Governor has been deputized in Tuzhurmatu, a district of Salahaddin province with a Turkmen majority.

The new district governor Hasan Zeynel Abidin organized a press conference after arriving in Tuzhurmatu and stated that his priority was to ensure a peaceful coexistence among ethnic and sectoral elements in the district.

Zeynel Abidin indicated that the district habitants had been exhausted by the terror attacks in the district and the conflict between the political parties and said, “We shall use all means to regain peace, stability and hope in the district.”

Zeynel Abidin said that they prioritized the importance of security as the basis of stability and reconstruction and that security had been achieved in the district after this task was taken over by the Iraqi central government forces in the district.