ITF President Salihi reacted to the election results

13 Ağustos 2018

Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) President Erşet Salihi said that the manual counting results of the votes raised doubts because of the similarity with the electronic vote count results.

Salihi made a statement to AA reporter saying that it was disappointing that although new judges had been appointed to the Iraqi Independent High Election Council, the suspect results of the election could not be manifested with the manual count.

Salihi underlined that the fact that both counts manifested similar results was dubious and said, “The whole world starting with the United Nations (UN) saw that the elections in Kirkuk were rigged. It is evident that communities in Iraq without a military force cannot get their rights.”

Salihi said that they would continue to seek legal ways to recover the stolen Turkmen votes in Kirkuk.

Salihi said that after exhausting the legal path they would resort to the will of the nation by saying, “After the Ottoman Empire, Iraq has been without a Turkmen minister or state authority for a century. This was not allowed yet the Turkmen nation stood firm. We will not surrender, our struggle will continue.”