Joint press conference from Erdoğan and İbadi

17 Ağustos 2018

President Erdoğan and Iraqi Prime Minister El-İbadi organized a joint press conference after bilateral discussions and meetings between delegations. President Erdoğan spoke at the press conference about the expectations from Iraq regarding the attacks from Iraqi territory against Turkey.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “I conveyed our expectations from Iraq regarding combating PKK terror organization. We established a consensus to enhance our efforts to eliminate PKK completely from Iraq”.


President Erdoğan indicated that they had had the opportunity to discuss many political, military, economic, commercial, cultural issues with Iraqi Prime Minister İbadi and said, “I would like to confirm once again the importance we attached to the territorial integrity of Iraq, its political integrity, political union, sovereignty”.

Erdoğan spoke about the elections in Iraq on the 12th of  May by saying, “I hope that this election has positive results for all the Iraqi people, for the region. It is our hope that the post election process will result in the establishment of a government that embraces all the groups in the country and counters the needs and expectations of the Iraqi people. Turkey shall side with all our Iraqi brothers during this process without discrimination”.

Erdoğan indicated that they were ready to work with the new government to be established to develop cooperation in critical areas and that the protest demonstrations that had started in July in Iraq have been abused by some groups. Erdoğan said, “Violence is never a method to seek rights. As Turkey we do not approve of violent acts. I want to express our concern and the support we have for peace in Iraq to my brother Ibadi in this regard. We have exchanged information about the problems of Iraq in bilateral meetings as well as meetings with delegations. Initially the Iraqi government has passed the test in its successful opposition of the DAESH problem followed by the illegal referendum. In the new term it is important that the steps are taken to counter the urgent needs and demands of the Iraqi people. In this regard I want to indicate that Turkey is ready for any support. Throughout history our country has been with the Iraqi people without discrimination regarding religion, language, sect. The problem of the Iraqi people is our problem. We are ready to do our part in the reconstruction of the country”.

Erdoğan said that they had discussed the importance of a second border gate between the two countries with İbadi and continue by saying, “The border gate to be opened will benefit  both Iraq as well as our country. I hope and believe that we will take the necessary steps in this matter. We also discussed the re-activation of our Consulate General Offices in both Mosul and Basra. We also had the opportunity to discuss anti-terror issues in detail. We reached an agreement to carry out full cooperation in this area. Turkey has not differentiated between terror organizations and will not do so. In our opinion DAESH killers are no different from PKK murderers. Both are brutal structures that murder babies, civilians, senior citizens without hesitation. We are determined to wipe out these organizations and their extensions from our region. We shall continue our solidarity with Iraq to combat all terror organizations starting with DAESH. I conveyed our expectations from Iraq in combating terror organization PKK. We have reached a consensus to enhance our endeavors with a view on eliminating PKK completely from Iraq. Furthermore, I also mentioned the issues regarding our Turkmen brothers. I spoke about the importance of ensuring the security of our Turkmen brothers who have been subjected to attacks especially in Kirkuk which I reiterate here. I believe that the establishment of an administration which is appropriate for the structure of Kirkuk province and designing appropriate security will contribute to ensuring peace”.