The Turkish Mission visited Ovaköy Border Gate in Baghdad

12 Eylül 2018

Turkish and Iraqi missions convened in Baghdad to discuss the Ovaköy Border Gate planned to be opened between the two countries.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Baghdad, Fatih Yıldız shared the following on his official Twitter account, “Today we had the first mission meeting regarding the opening of the second border gate between Iraq and Turkey (Ovaköy/Fişhabur).”
At the meeting Yıldız said that Baghdad and Ankara were committed to commissioning the project and that both parties had agreed on issues.
Ambassador Yıldız indicated that a second border gate between Iraq-Turkey will not only facilitate commerce between the two countries, it will also link Europe and Asia to each other with the transport network to be established between Basra and Fişhabur and that Iraq would use this strategic potential for what it was worth.