Sabotage to an idle petroleum pipeline in Kirkuk

12 Eylül 2018

Terror organization DAESH took the opportunity to sabotage an idle petroleum pipeline in Kirkuk which injured two fire fighters while the country was busy with demonstrations in the south of the country and efforts to establish a government.

According to the local media news in Iraq, terrorists placed explosives into an idle petroleum pipeline in Dibis district of Kirkuk and detonated them by remote control.

While fire fighters who had arrived at the scene were trying to put out the ensuing fire, another explosion took place and two officers were injured. The injured fire fighters were taken to hospital in Kirkuk by ambulances.

Dibis district is located in the west of Kirkuk at a distance of 55 kilometers.

Although Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar el İbadi declared that the military presence of terror organization DAESH had ceased to exist in the country in December 2017, sleeping cells of the organization continue to be active especially at night in the zone between the provinces of Kirkuk-Salahaddin-Diyala named the death triangle by security forces.

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