04 Ekim 2018

“We are obliged to declare a Turkmeneli Assembly centered in Kirkuk. This assembly would be supra parties and politics and affiliated with the central government in Baghdad however, it must take initiative in terms of the security, sustainability and economic development of Turkmen regions. The US wants to reach an understanding with the Iraqi administration and declare Kirkuk as an autonomous zone as a priority. We are aware that subsequently they want to tie Kirkuk to the Northern Iraq Administration with various poll box and diplomatic sculduggery. The parties have reached an understanding regarding the presidential candidacy of KYB candidate Berham Salih. In return, Kirkuk will be handed over to KDP. We must realize the establishment of  a Grand Iraqi Türkmen Assembly with a supra party identity to cover all parties and groups. Turkmen must make local decisions regarding their own regions and be more active in administration mechanisms.”

Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı asserted that the US had a new autonomy plan regarding Kirkuk and that first Kirkuk would be seized from the central administration by Washington and subsequently relinquished to Barzani. Kazancı emphasized that the US intended to remove the border between Iraq and Syria and establish a single zone comprised of Rakka, Haseke, Deyrizor, Kirkuk, Telafer, Erbil and Süleymaniye. Kazancı said that this endeavor was as much a political one as well as to exploit the underground wealth of Iraq and Syria.

Kazancı reminded that the victimization that the Turkmeneli zone was exposed to in the 2014 process should not be forgotten and made the following warnings: “Kirkuk is the ancient center of the Turkmeneli region. The US, Barzani, Talabani and the Iraqi central administration as well as Iran are entering cooperation agreements for common benefits. The Turkmen have suffered a lot and are again threatened. We are all responsible to prevent Turkmeneli from being sacrificed to yet another new and heinous plot.”


Yenişafak newspaper