A 7 member bomb gang was eliminated in Kirkuk

16 Ekim 2018

Iraqi Counter Terrorism Team 2nd Division Commander Maan es-Saadi held a press conference saying, “We have busted a network consisting of 7 people identified in connection with the recent explosions in Kirkuk.”

Saadi said that 5 members of the gang had been detained as a result of a raid on a house in the city center. All preparations for the capture of the other two persons have been completed. We plan to detain them in the next 48 hours.
Noting that the gang also had a stanchion in the city center, Saadi said, ‘There are those who have aided and abetted the gang members who infiltrated into the city center. All the necessary legal permits have been obtained for their arrest.

Saadi pointed out that the gang was preparing to organize further action in order to disrupt the security and stability of the city and said, ‘We seized numerous weapons and ammunition in the raid that was carried out in the house where we found the gang members. They were probably preparing to use this ammunition in other actions‘.

Three civilians were killed and 8 injured in three separate bomb attacks carried out in various districts of Kirkuk city center in the last 10 days.