27 Kasım 2018

The Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yıldız carried out important visits in Baghdad during the Mewlid an-Nabi. First Ambassador Yıldız  visited an elementary school in the neighborhood where the ambassador’s residence is located. Subsequently he offered bagels and candy to the people of Baghdad at a stand opened adjacent to the İmam-ı Azam Complex by the embassy in the Azamiye neighborhood of  Baghdad. In the evening hours of the Mewlid an-Nabi, Fatih Yıldız convened with  Iraqi Turkmen. Ambassador Yıldız made the following statement on his official social media account:

In addition to the Turkmen Civil Society Organizations that are active in Ankara, İstanbul, Antalya, Bursa and Sakarya under the auspices of Turkmeneli Strategic Research and Thinking Center, Turkmen individuals gathered in Istanbul on the 10th of November 2018.

As the date of the meeting coincided with the 80th anniversary of the demise of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Atatürk was commemorated with mercy, love and longing and a Fatiha prayer was recited for him and his brothers-in-arms and all our martyrs.

Ideas were exchanged at the meeting regarding developments in the Turkmeneli Region as well as political, social, economic and security issues related to Turkmen and the establishment of a Turkmen Consultation Board outside Iraq was discussed. The following conclusion declaration depicting the common ideas and views of the participants was issued at the end of the meeting;

1.      The Turkmeneli region has suffered great damage in terms of structural and social perspectives. Hundreds of thousands of people have been deported and imprisoned. The Iraqi government has not taken any serious steps to date. Türkmeneli is still experiencing security, economic and political problems. It has become essential for the Turkmen Political and Civilian Organizations to examine these issues urgently from all aspects and to defend them  on the international arena.

2.     The confusion of the political environment, the ambiguity of the strategic targets and the long-term policies of the daily events has led society to insecurity, weakened the political power of the political wing and led to the use of the Turkmen political arena by other parties. There is a need for a higher level that can make a situation assessment, accommodate diversity and enrich it and regain the confidence of  society.

3.      It has become absolutely necessary to re-establish a strong, embracing, balanced and respectable Turkmen Assembly that can guide all social groups and political fractions in terms of national studies which can protect the long term targets of Turkmeneli and bond the political wings with society. In this sense the Consultation Board established in Turkey declares that it is ready to give any support  in this matter to the region.

4.    Therefore, it has been planned that if necessary,  a Preparatory Mission consisting of 10 persons elected from the Consultation Board gets together with the civil, political organizations and prominent persons in Turkmeneli to make studies and assessments  to prepare for a comprehensive Turkmen Assembly.

5.      The consultation Board calls on all Turkmen civil organizations to take an active role in unity and co-operation in order to heal the wounds of society and instill confidence in the future.

6.      As the Turkmen Society of national thought and struggle, we reject the fact that our people are pushed out of the political process, are refused the right to represent in the state and that our lands are made into an issue of political bargaining, we side with our political organizations and that our national struggle will continue in Iraq and in the free world until we have obtained all our rights.


Even if the positive reactions received after the publication of the results report were intense, there were albeit minor criticism made over individuals, was that beneficial?  On the other hand, due to the misinterpretation of some of the articles in the Declaration, the need to generate a statement emerged and the main issue of the meeting was stressed again that an active Turkmen Assembly was needed and this request and proposal was not against any person or institution.

The details of the Grand Turkmen Assembly’s planning were included in the article titled “The Turkmen Assembly” dated October 14, 2018.

It is possible that the Turkmen, who have a population of 2.5 million in Iraq and should be included in Iraq’s political equation as the third ethnic element, do not have an active Turkmen Assembly?