Ambassador Yıldız: Turkey to open a visa application center in Kirkuk

06 Aralık 2018

The ambassador of Turkey to Baghdad Fatih Yıldız said that a center would be opened in Kirkuk to facilitate visa application to Turkey.

Yıldız visited Tazehurmatu town which is populated mainly by Turkmen on the 2nd day of his visit to Kirkuk.

Yıldız convened with the authorities in the town and made a statement that a center would be opened in Kirkuk to facilitate visa application to Turkey.

Ambassador Yıldız said that the center would be similar to the examples in Baghdad, Arbil and Süleymaniye.

–       Opening a Turkey representation in Kirkuk

Yıldız spoke about opening an official Turkey representation in Kirkuk which is mainly inhabited by Turkmen as follows, “In the upcoming term we shall discuss opening an official representation of Turkey here with the Iraqi central government. We shall do everything possible to serve our Turkmen brothers better.”

Yıldız said that the intention was to offer different services within the targeted office configuration.

Turkish Ambassador Yıldız praised the efforts of  Tazehurmatu town in their struggle against DAESH and continued as follows:

”This is the land where Turkmen have  carried out a valiant, valuable struggle against DAESH. The support given to other areas where Turkmen live will be delivered here as well.”

Şemsettin Beşirli, an officer of the Iraqi Turkmen Front who accompanied Yıldız on his visit said that they anticipated support from Turkey in the rebuilding of the town destroyed by DAESH.

Beşirli said the following:

“Turkey enabled us to return to our villages which had been destroyed by the Saddam administration after 2003. We were able to return to our villages after Turkey erected 100 houses there. We want similar support and protection today.”