Turkmen Workshop was held in Ankara

15 Ocak 2019

The 1st Turkmen Workshop was held with the contributions of Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı, Turkmeneli Cooperation and Culture Foundation President Fatih Türkcan, Turkey-Iraq Education Health Council Coordinator Dr. Aydın Beyatlı and President of Turkmeneli Cultural Center Mustafa Ziya and the participation of TIKA.
The 1st Turkmen Workshop was held in Ankara in order to evaluate the ongoing problems in the Turkmeneli territory and generate solutions for them. Ensuring a secure environment so that those who fled the occupation of terror organization DAESH from Telafer and Mosul of Turkmeneli on the 10th of June 2014 could return was discussed. At the same time, ideas were exchanged regarding projects to be carried out in Turkey in association with this issue.
In addition, the meeting was attended by Turkmen Civil Society Organizations operating in Turkey, Turkmen media professionals and intellectuals.