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22 September 2020
Sadr Movement Abolished "The Blue Hats"

Sadr Movement Abolished “The Blue Hats”

12 February 2020405

Mukteda es-Sadr, leader of the Sadr Movement in Iraq, abolished the “Blue Hats” within the movement, accused of suppressing anti-government demonstrations.

Supporting the anti-government protests held since October 1, Sadr changed this attitude after the US killed the Iranian commander Kasım Süleymani on January 3.

Sadr called for suspension of anti-government protests in the capital, Baghdad, on January 24, “against the US presence in the country”.

Iraqi protesters evaluated Sadr’s change of attitude as “betrayal” and stated that they would not leave the squares.

On 5 February, Sadr supporters intervened with the protesters to suppress demonstrations in Najaf, 7 demonstrators died and 40 people were injured as a result of the conflict.

One day after the incident in Najaf, Hazra al-Hilfi, one of the commanders of the militia power of the Seraya es-Salam militia affiliated with Sadr, was killed in an armed attack in the city of Basra.

Sadr had commissioned the “Blue Hats” to protect the demonstrators

Sadr had created a group called “The Blue Hats” to protect the protesters and ensure security at the showgrounds. These people, who wore the Blue Hat, had been in the showgrounds for a while and had the task of ensuring the safety of the places.

However, these people later withdrew from the showgrounds upon Sadr’s call.

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