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07 March 2021

Call from Salihi to Turkish world

24 February 2020824

We are a part of the Turkish World. That is why we have been paying the price of Turkism in Iraq for a century.


This price is the debt of our neck, but we don’t want to be alone when paying this price. We need the same help and solidarity, just like wherever we need to support Turkish under persecution.

This is not a weakness, but rather an indicator of strength. There must be unity and unity with all Turkish World goods, blood, life and soul. It is our martyr in both Idlib, Karabakh and Crimea. Our expectation is this sensitivity and solidarity.

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Kirkuk Net News Agency, which was broadcasted on April 30, 2019, has adopted the principle of providing impartial news flow to the world public opinion in Turkmeneli and the region. It is an institution that serves the national cause of Iraqi Turks through the media.

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