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21 April 2021

“Dakuk and its surroundings should be free from terrorists”

29 February 2020966

The official spokesman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Mehmet Seman Ağaoğlu, informed the Armed Forces Command that the terrorist elements in Dakuk should be cleaned.


According to the statement reached by Kirkuk Net, Ağaoğlu, “The Turkmen regions were deliberately exposed to the attacks of ISIS and other terrorist elements. Terrorist organization ISIS constantly attacks on Dakuk and its surrounding areas in the south of Kirkuk. One soldier was martyred in the last attack. The terrorists who attacked the spot where the security forces were located carried out this attack 1 kilometer from the Dakuk district center. ” said.


In the statement published, Ağaoğlu , “As the Iraqi Turkmen Front, we are in favor of organizing a wide-ranging operation in Dakuk and surrounding areas. Otherwise, this region will be subject to constant attacks by terrorist elements. The Armed Forces Command, the Ministry of Interior and Defense should find a solution to this situation and should not ignore the bloodshed. The most effective way to protect these regions is to establish an armed force composed of the people of the region. ” said.

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