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07 March 2021

Allavi withdrew from the task of forming a government

2 March 2020954

Muhammed Tevfik Allavi, who was assigned to form the government in Iraq, announced that he was withdrawn from this position.

In his statement to the official television channel, Allavi stated that he wanted to establish a government consisting of independent people and that he was pressured by political parties in this process. Allavi said, “If I submitted to these pressures, I was the Iraqi prime minister right now. Despite all this, I tried to save our country from the uncertainty it was blown. However, in the negotiation process, I encountered many situations that did not serve the interests of the country. ”

Recalling that the session of trust vote to the government was postponed twice in the assembly, Allavi called out to President Berhem Salih and said, “I am forwarding to my office that I am withdrawing from the task of forming the government”.

Allavi also called on the demonstrators and asked them to continue their protests to obtain their rights.

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