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25 October 2020

Category: Articles

6 February 2020516

The 52nd Battalion Command affiliated with the Turkmen Hashdi Sabi force caught a prominent militant of the terrorist organization ISIS.

According to the information received from the security units of Kirkuk Net, it was announced that a terrorist with ISIS was caught in the village of BirAhmet, near the Turkmen Tuzhurmatu district.

24 January 2020553

The Federal Police Force serving in Kirkuk seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Federal Police Forces Commander Lieutenant General Cafer Battat said, “3. Battalion seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk. The shelter, which was determined to belong to the terrorist organization ISIS and that contained 518 explosives, was seized. ”

24 January 2020494

Dozens of Kurdish graduates protested to protest the appointments of Kirkuk Education Department.

Kurdish graduates in Kirkuk made an action on the grounds that they were cheating on the appointments of the Education Department in Kirkuk. The protest was held in front of the Kirkuk Education Department.

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@kerkuknet – 15 hours

Gösterilerin 1. yıl dönümüne saatler kala, Bağdat’ın Tahrir meydanı göstericilerle doldu.

@kerkuknet – 2 days

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