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21 October 2020

Category: Culture & Art

19 February 2020514

Sasvar Abdulvahit, Leader of the New Generation Movement, called on the Kurdish people to protest the politics of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government.

New Generation Movement Leader Sasvar Abdulvahit, who shares the video record he has captured and is close to the PKK, called on the Kurdish people to protest the poor service conditions of the places affiliated to the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government in Arbil, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok and Halabja.

11 February 2020537

After 12 years, snow fell to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. In Baghdad, which was known to have snow in January 2008, thermometers dropped to 2 degrees below zero.

Citizens were surprised when the city center turned white in Baghdad, where the winter months were generally soft and cool.

Snow falls on palm trees, known to grow in places where tropical, temperate and desert climate are seen, witnessing heartwarming views.

6 February 2020462

The opening of the Kirkuk Kayseri Bazaar was delayed to the next days. The Kirkuk Kayseri Bazaar, which was swaddled last year, started to be repaired by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

According to information reaching Kirkuk Net, experienced disruptions due to the opening of the program of the delegation from Turkey which was reported to be postponed until next few days.

24 January 2020544
Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Hassan Janabi, Turkey’s government, we have offered on request of the Iraqi citizens took a step that is easier to get a residence permit.

Iraqi citizens were exempted from these residence conditions in line with the new residence conditions. Iraqi citizens as we also thank the Republic of Turkey. “he said.

24 January 2020551

The Federal Police Force serving in Kirkuk seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Federal Police Forces Commander Lieutenant General Cafer Battat said, “3. Battalion seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk. The shelter, which was determined to belong to the terrorist organization ISIS and that contained 518 explosives, was seized. ”

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