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21 April 2021

Category: News

24 January 2020760

The Federal Police Force serving in Kirkuk seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk.

Kirkuk Federal Police Forces Commander Lieutenant General Cafer Battat said, “3. Battalion seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk. The shelter, which was determined to belong to the terrorist organization ISIS and that contained 518 explosives, was seized. ”

24 January 2020712

Dozens of Kurdish graduates protested to protest the appointments of Kirkuk Education Department.

Kurdish graduates in Kirkuk made an action on the grounds that they were cheating on the appointments of the Education Department in Kirkuk. The protest was held in front of the Kirkuk Education Department.

21 January 2020656
Ahmet Remzi Köprülü, Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Election Department, said that the newly appointed members of the Election Commission Council in Kirkuk were unsuccessful in the first move.

According to the official statement reached by Kirkuk Net, Köprülü said, “If our rights are violated in a commission-free from Turkmen, as in the past, we will not be tied up.”
Stating that the Turkmen nation will never step back from its legitimate rights, Köprülü said, “We will defend all our legal and democratic rights to the fullest by using the authority given by the Constitution.”The Kirkuk Election Commission Assembly, which has just started its post, has been elected as follows.

Ömer Abdullah Muhammet (President) Arab
Dalya Sami İbrahim (Member) Kurd
Neval Nueyl Meta (Member) Christian
İsam İbrahim Hamed Emin (Member) Kurd
Cabbar Mecit Hasrov (Member) Kurd

19 January 2020465

The “Assimilation and Genocide Panel of Turkmens in Iraq” was organized by the Iraqi Turks Culture and Solidarity Association Headquarters on the occasion of the January 16 Turkmen Martyrs Day.

17 January 2020495

A commemoration ceremony was held at the Iraqi Turks Martyrs’ Memorial in Ankara Keçiören Municipality on January 16th. Turkmen students also attended the ceremony in Turkey as well as the Turkmen and Turkish citizens.

14 January 2020328

Iraqi Turkmen Front Spokesman Mehmet Seman Agaoglu invited the Turkmen nation to participate in protests in front of Kirkuk Education Office against the injustice in the appointments. 

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