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20 October 2021
3 March 2020

Iraqi Turkmen Front wants closure of FETO schools in the country

Iraqi Turkmen Front Spokesperson Muhammed Saman, in a statement to the AA correspondent, called for the closure of the schools belonging to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization operating in Iraq and especially in Kirkuk.

12 February 2020

Sadr Movement Abolished “The Blue Hats”

Mukteda es-Sadr, leader of the Sadr Movement in Iraq, abolished the “Blue Hats” within the movement, accused of suppressing anti-government demonstrations. Supporting the anti-government protests held since October 1, Sadr changed this attitude after the US killed the Iranian commander Kasım Süleymani on January 3. Sadr called for suspension of anti-government protests in the capital, […]

6 February 2020

Balance Sheet Increases in Attack in Najaf City of Iraq: 13 Dead

In the incident that took place in Najaf, Iraq yesterday evening, the number of deaths increased to 13 and the number of injured to 127. Visiting the city, Minister of Internal Affairs al-Yaseri was welcomed by protesters.

6 February 2020

‪Turkmen Hashdi Sabhi force caught an ISIS terrorist in Tuzhurmatu

The 52nd Battalion Command affiliated with the Turkmen Hashdi Sabi force caught a prominent militant of the terrorist organization ISIS. According to the information received from the security units of Kirkuk Net, it was announced that a terrorist with ISIS was caught in the village of BirAhmet, near the Turkmen Tuzhurmatu district.

30 January 2020

Security forces throw grenades at demonstrations in Iraq: 2 injured

During the demonstrations in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, it was stated that people who had not yet been identified were thrown a handmade bomb at the point where the police forces were located, and 2 security personnel were injured in the incident.

25 January 2020

Visit from Turkmen Delegation to International Kirkuk Airport

The leading Turkmen delegation, where Kirkuk Net is also present, visited the International Kirkuk Airport.

24 January 2020

Republic of Turkey Exempted Iraqi Citizens For New Residency Requirements

Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq, Hassan Janabi, “Turkey’s government, we have offered on request of the Iraqi citizens took a step that is easier to get a residence permit. Iraqi citizens were exempted from these residence conditions in line with the new residence conditions. Iraqi citizens as we also thank the Republic of Turkey. […]

24 January 2020

Federal Police Forces Capture Explosive Bunker in Kirkuk

The Federal Police Force serving in Kirkuk seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk. Kirkuk Federal Police Forces Commander Lieutenant General Cafer Battat said, “3. Battalion seized a shelter with explosives in Havice district of Kirkuk. The shelter, which was determined to belong to the terrorist organization ISIS and that contained 518 […]

24 January 2020

Unassigned Kurdish Teachers Protest in Kirkuk

Dozens of Kurdish graduates protested to protest the appointments of Kirkuk Education Department. Kurdish graduates in Kirkuk made an action on the grounds that they were cheating on the appointments of the Education Department in Kirkuk. The protest was held in front of the Kirkuk Education Department.

21 January 2020

Ahmet Remzi Köprülü: “The newly established Election Commission Council failed on the first election”

Ahmet Remzi Köprülü, Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Election Department, said that the newly appointed members of the Election Commission Council in Kirkuk were unsuccessful in the first move. According to the official statement reached by Kirkuk Net, Köprülü said, “If our rights are violated in a commission-free from Turkmen, as in the past, […]

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